Should you play Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes?


With the arrival of Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes on Playstation Plus today, here’s a list of reasons on why you might want to pick it up (especially for free)



Metal Gear Solid is well known as a game that doesn’t really make much sense to people that play them casually, even for people that play them normally (MGS2 being prime example here; Snake breaking out of handcuffs to chase down a Metal Gear in the water/performing the most perfect naked cartwheels with everybody’s favourite protagonist, Raiden).

Ground Zeroes pretty much summarises all of the main plot details from the game before, Peace Walker, which sets up the events of what will become the major plot points in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (MGSV:TPP)


The Kiefer effect

Unless you’ve managed to steer clear of the rivers of hot piss that flowed at the announcement, you’ll know that the grumbly tones of David Hayter as Big Boss will no longer be gracing us (rumour is that he is going to return as a young Solid Snake in MGSV… but let’s just keep this simple right now, eh?)
Anyway, if you join now then you can hear Kiefer Sutherland lending his voice for Big Boss saying pretty much nothing. But you can appreciate the similarities that he and Big Boss now share facially. Now go back and listen to Hayter – still signing that petition to have him back?… maybe not.


The last Hideo Kojima game

Even if you’re new to the series then you are bound to know who Hideo Kojima is, if not then look at his Twitter page…

Go right now actually…

No, he’s not just a huge Godzilla fan and a fan of weird movies/music but he’s the creative mind and overlord of the Metal Gear series. If you’ve been paying attention to the big video game news/panic from everyone on Twitter recently then you’ll be in the know that Kojima has been fired/left/ate/murdered all the employees at Konami.

MGSV will be the final Metal Gear game that he will be overseeing. Recent updates have removed all of the taglines of ‘A Hideo Kojima game’ from marketing materials and potentially the new game, so seeing it in Ground Zeroes may be the final time you get to see that boastful bastard strut his stuff.


Its alright

The game itself is not long, no longer than many games you have probably played on Playstation Plus. You can be sure that it looks better and has more substance to it than most of the ones you’ve played but the game itself gives you the opportunity to replay it as many times as you want to and rewards you for it.

The gameplay in it is nice with lots of fun little Easter eggs and rewards for completing missions in certain ways and you can all but prepare yourself for when The Phantom Pain drops in just over two months’ time.

Basically, I’m not going to tell you to play it. It’s an interesting wee game that could pass the time and give you an idea of the plot to the next iteration in the Metal Gear series.

Admittedly, I am a lowly wordsmith who is potentially biased in regards to the games but I still implore you to give it a go if you fancy it.


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