Metal Gear Solid V – E3 2015 Trailer (Part Two)

So, after finally getting through and watching the next part and then digesting the entire thing emotionally, here is the second part of GamingReel’s MGSV E3 2015 analysis.

If you never caught the first part then go have a look here before you go on and, I shouldn’t have to say it but, spoilers ahead for those who don’t want ANYTHING explained.

Pain for Pain – Close-up of Ocelot and Big Boss looking over a patient in a hospital bed with a V shaped scar on their stomach – identical to the one that Paz has during Ground Zeroes (and we all know how that ended) and then the face of a girl, who looks identical to Paz, who seems a little off, sitting up with someone trying to get their attention – could this be a flashback that Big Boss is having, almost in a dream-like state with Paz being the focal point or is this something supernatural?

Moving along, we see a man with a deep cut at his throat with a headphone stuck inside – very reminiscent of Ground Zeroes where we see Chico place the wire of his headphones into something that looks like a headphone jack into his body/heart – Big Boss pull the headphone out of the man’s throat to which we see him writhe in pain and later Big Boss pulls the sheet off the man’s body to show his exposed lungs protruding from his body – a sign of experimentation perhaps, trying to create super soldiers (Looks similar as to further in the video when the Skulls show up) or is this a form of torture, but what is the symbolism for the earbud in the throat?
During this, we see a small flash of Big Boss carrying a bloodied/smoking Quiet in his arms looking like he is saving her from something –  this could be after the point she has been interrogated by Ocelot, like we have seen in previous trailers, or this could be post-mission.

Skull for Skull – It wouldn’t be Kojima trailer/game without the supernatural and it is right here that Kojima delivers. We catch another glimpse of what looks like more of Skull Faces superhuman unit: The Skulls with numbers emblazoned on their heads, who seem to appear from nowhere closing in on Big Boss and Quiet standing outside of a downed helicopter – Note how they appear similar to how Quiet appears and disappears, is Quiet a failed experiment to create a ‘Skull’?
The shot also cuts to behind a group of the beings approaching Big Boss and Quiet and they look a lot like soldiers
Also, we see what looks like a huge mechanical wrist and hand shrouded in fog holding someone upside down, looks like Big Boss and this could be just before the image we have seen with Skull Face and Big Boss staring at each other with Big Boss upside down.

Cut to a bloody Big Boss speeding away from spikes protruding from the road trying to take him down – unsure if this is more of the supernatural or whether we can assume that this is Big Boss having hallucinations that the threat is real such as a boss battle or something.
Next we see guards in a building, which may be Diamond Dogs’ Mother Base, being killed by the blades of a helicopter that has come through an exposed part of the building and man engulfed in flames, reacting almost identically to the one from the Hospital trailer, slowly die – More evidence that Big Boss hallucinations/dream state wreaking havoc on his mind or is this Psycho Mantis (the child we see in the Hospital trailer and in this trailer) being the puppet master in Big Boss’ brain?
We also see an scene showing Big Boss and Quiet in a falling helicopter, it shows the window of the chopper which we can briefly see a white figure lose their grip on the window – had they been trying to get into the helicopter or were they holding on trying to survive the crash and is this the helicopter that we see killing the guards explained above?

Skull Face

Next it cuts to Big Boss and Skull Face taking a nice ride in a car, in the background Skull Face talking about America being: ‘a country of liberty, a meeting of immigrants’, all the while it cutting to pictures of Eli, Quiet, Code Talker, the man on fire (although we could probably assume it is Volgin), Ocelot and Psycho Mantis as a child with a strange red scarf/accessory on his shoulder (REMEMBER THIS FOR LATER) Through all this Skull Face explains to us Major Zero’s plan, to have information and words rule the subconscious.

Maybe this is the turning point? Maybe this could be the way that Big Boss ends up betraying Diamond Dogs and forming Outer Heaven?
Another point the add is that the car image seems similar to the way we see Skull Face and Big Boss in the car travelling to the hangar holding the Metal We see in the Nuclear trailer and in this trailer

We hear Ocelot talking over pictures about someone’s opinion on the ‘greatest symbiotic parasite’ being the microbial due to it being linguistic – note that we do not know who Ocelot is talking about here but he offers some advice of: ‘Free the world, not by taking men’s lives but by taking their tongues’
Sound advice considering we know that Zero plans to rule the subconscious using words and by taking tongues then you eliminate this possibility occurring.

Retaliation breeds Retaliation

The next scene shows us Eli (or the character formerly known as Liquid – notice the red scarf again?) jump into the Metal Gear we see in the Nuclear trailer, in the hangar that Big Boss and Skull Face drive up to, and chase down Big Boss in it – notice how Big Boss does not shoot anything at him even though he is clearly holding a rifle and also carrying some form of heavy weapon on his back.

Skull Face announcing: ‘With this, I’ll rid the world of infestation. Sans Lingua Franca – the world will be torn asunder and then it shall be free’ – Showing clear intent to using ‘this’ (most likely the Metal Gear that we see’ to rid the world of the infestation – possibly to do with the languages that connect people or the information/word base that Zero is setting up to free the world – very Liquid Ocelot in MGS4 if you ask me and maybe that’s the case – maybe Ocelot resonates with Skull Face or, as we will see later, maybe ‘Skull Face’ (as a figment or a part of Big Boss) is what drives Ocelot)

*Guitar riffs*

Next, we scoot up behind Big Boss kneeling on the floor looking defeated and, more or less, looking like he is regretting something – is this the aftermath of the events in the Nuclear trailer where he shoots fellow soldiers straight in the face?

Phantoms breed Destruction

Big Boss in a massive combat suit (most likely something you can wear in the game) walking through a gathering of soldiers at Diamond Dogs/Mother Base all standing faces the Metal Gear, the camera pans across Big Boss to which Skull Face automatically just appears behind him.
Now, this is where the full thing gets a wee bit weird because this is very Tyler Durden-esque in Fight Club – with Skull Face being Big Boss’ equivalent to Tyler Durden. Plus, the action that Skull Face does is something we see A LOT with him basically putting his hat on, so is this something going on in Big Boss’ head?
Also, Big Boss is covered somewhat in blood and looks to have just come back from a mission and with it being said that Big Boss can hallucinate with hard knocks to the head then is Skull Face behind him then just a hallucination?
The excellent Elegia by New Order ends and we see Big Boss standing in front of a mirror SOAKED in blood with the horn fully exposed in his head, blue eye shining bright, Big Boss takes a short look at himself and smashed the mirror – maybe becoming all too aware of the demon that he has become

‘The chain of retaliation is what will truly bind this world together as one’ is said by Skull Face as the creators names show up, possibly an indication of what he would like to do?

FINALLY, the moment every single Metal Gear fan has been waiting for….




We see two identical boys being carted in a helicopter, both of whom are identical visually but something is off about one. Remember that scarf thing I told you to remember when we were talking about Psycho Mantis? Well one of the boys is wearing this and this could then be an indication of something being afoot but why spoil the excellent moment?
Hopefully, this is the first shot of Liquid and Solid together as children and, furthermore, hopefully Kiefer saying ‘Les Enfants Terrible, Zero called it’ adds credence to this theory.

So, that’s your whack. There’s the Metal Gear Solid V E3 trailer broken down into six pages of a document and hours of my life skipping through the trailer to the point where I hate it.
Anyhow, all we have to do now is wait until September 1st comes and we can get to grips with Hideo Kojima’s final Metal Gear game and I CANNOT WAIT.

Until then, I bid you adieu.



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