First Trailer For Civil War Is Here!

After months of speculation, hype and superhero appearance guessing, Marvel fans get finally get their first glimpse of footage from the highly anticipated Captain America: Civil War.

The debut trailer was premiered last night, and to answer that next question…yes it looks every bit as awesome as you hope.

Due for release next year, Civil War will be based on the excellent comic of the same name by Mark Millar which pits earth’s mightiest heroes against each other with Cap and Iron Man leading the two camps. Oh and it also features some guy who shoots webs and climbs walls…

Check out the first trailer above and share your thoughts in the comments. Are you Team Cap? Hyped at our first glimpse of Black Panther? Just want to see superheroes have a square go? Let us know!

Oh and as if the trailer was not enough, we also have three new posters which you can use as wallpaper on your gadgets to show the world you are extra hyped below!






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