An Ode to the WWE Fan


I’ve been living a terrible lie the past few years and feel like I have to make you all aware of what is going on in this head of mine.

I didn’t like Fallou… wait, no, scratch that.

I like the WWE. I like RAW, I like John Cena and I even own the t-shirt to show it. There, I said it.

Since being a wee guy, I used to love watching The Rock and was ‘one of the millions (…and millions) of his fans. I remember watching old PPV’s on Channel 4, especially the Royal Rumble in 2000 (I think) where Cactus Jack faced off against Triple H in one of the best street fights in wrestling history.

It’s fair to say that a lot has changed since then: Cena was created, Kane was unmasked then re-masked and then unmasked and who cares, Smackdown became WCW Thunder and the PG Era was born.


So, let’s fast-forward 8 years and we are in the so-called ‘New Era of the WWE’ and faced with a brand split.

(Brand split for all those who don’t know is what they done in 2002. Essentially just a WWE superstar draft, splitting their main shows: RAW and Smackdown)

Now that we have gotten through that, let’s address the elephant in the room.

Wrestling has been balls in recent years; with awful storylines, terrible talent and ratings taking a total dive because of it. But, this has changed recently and it’s slowly picking up again with new talent from NXT (think of it like developmental, but better than anything ever) joining the roster and coming in with genuine popularity from the crowds.

I don’t claim to be an expert in the world of wrestling and it will become totally evident in this post and, potentially, subsequent posts in the future. I’m just a concerned fan who wanted to put down on paper, well the internet, what he actually thought would be a good idea.

Here we go:

Reports have been suggesting that the initial structure of the brand split is built around two face (good guys) and heel (baddies) rivalries on both shows.

RAW = Roman Reigns being the face/Seth Rollins being the heel
Smackdown = John Cena being the face/AJ Styles being the heel


We can already smell the poo from this. Reigns and Cena are the supermen of the WWE, so it seems impossible to imagine anyone else in each promotion taking the titles from them.
Then you have to think who you then have to challenge for the titles after their cards, because we can’t have another Cena vs Orton-thon that we used to see constantly. I mean, you have: Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, Cesaro, Bray Wyatt, Dean Ambrose, Sheamus, Orton (?) and even then you’re starting to clutch at straws. You’ve got to imagine that they’ll bring up Samoa Joe from NXT soon, maybe Finn Balor could get a push: who knows?

You could maybe put Nakamura in that mix. Maybe.

The roster is totally threadbare already and you also then have to have people taking the Intercontinental Title/US Title and potentially other titles like the Cruiserweight title. It’s just concerning to think that you’ll be stretching out an already struggling roster which is laden with injuries. You’ve got the Miz/ Ziggler/Neville and other generic talent (I feel awful for lumping Neville into this – SORRY NEVILLE, I LOVE YOU)

Women’s Championship – even though the Women’s Division has gone through massive changes and is as strong as it ever has been thanks to talent like Charlotte, Becky Lynch, Bayley, Asuka, etc. I can’t see their being much of an issue with this; we can’t have another Bella/AJ reign though – Nope.
There’s so much talent there to use and it is genuinely great.
The tag teams are incredible these days, the New Day are carrying the show at the moment – I actually find Big E’s hip movements hypnotising –  and then you have Enzo and Cass, Vaudevillians, Dudleyz and then you still can bring in Jordan and Gable and the Revival, The Club (*shudder*.. what a total ballache of a name)
We’ll come back to this later.


Looking at it from the outside in then you are left with only one question: Where do you get your big stories?
Sure, you’ll have your main event and those write themselves – good vs bad, Reigns/Cena overcome adversity, I fall asleep during main events.

But what of the mid-card?

Remember the days when Crash Holly or Test or even Al Snow having storyline throughout the show – remember when the mid-card mattered?

Seems like more and more these days that you’ll find a guy like Ziggler/Corbin or something like that just languish there without any sort of storyline to follow. Where is the build towards something big? How do you build that up until you get your massive pops for guys that don’t get it now?

Honestly, I don’t know.

I’ve thought about one thing and would be interested to see how it would pan out, I won’t be the first to show my support to it, but you need to build to something and give these promotions a reason to watch that aren’t just to hear Reigns get booed.

Anyway, here’s the pitch:
You take, ‘The wrestlers formally known as The Bullet Club’ or The Club, as WWE say, and you try to get them to take over.
You effectively create an NWO type situation over both brands.


You start off with Gallows/Anderson winning the Tag Titles in wherever they end up and then you either get them backing up AJ, or preferably Finn Balor and then you create the Balor Club. Give him his massive push, he can take the big title from the top guy, let’s say this happens on RAW and then start to build a proper stable of guys who throw up the Balor Club signs on RAW and start taking the titles.
You then trickle the hand signs through the ranks of Smackdown and you have some of the guys there show up in Balor club t-shirts and draft them into the group.
What they do is then take over both promotions and you make them go over strong on top guys and let them decimate everything in their path – you create a genuine heel reaction and genuine reaction/curiosity from the crowd.

It feels like this could then create mini-rivalries between people throughout the entire show and give people a reason to actually care about Alberto Del Rio, apart from the fact that he’s getting fired into Paige.

From there, I don’t know.

I can’t see anything but this brand split failing but aye, I’ll hopefully be proven wrong. I just can’t see it being anything but a struggle unless they start knocking it out of the park every week and when was the last time that we have seen that?

I’d watch it anyway; I’m a sucker for punishment. I’ve spent the last few years watching it and feeling genuine pain, feeling like I’ve been put in a Sharpshooter in front of the TV.

I just want my wrestling back.



P.s: Please do right by Bray Wyatt, please?

P.P.S: Byron Saxton is awful

P.P.P.S: Make RAW less than three hours, eh?

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