The reality of virtual reality has sunk in

Sure it looks the bollocks, but is PSVR going to deliver on an expensive day one?

There’s no doubt about it, Virtual Reality is on course to be a real game-changer…

In a few months the VR experience will finally make its way into the hands of console gamers (that’s normal people to you PC folk).

There’s no doubt that it looks to be the unique experience this generation sorely needs.

Many have criticised this current generation of consoles for lacking a real ground-breaking moment like the previous one gave us with the leap to HD.

And they are correct, because let’s face it, as much as I have enjoyed this generation it has largely been re-masters and excellent sequels.

Now before you start to spout piss, there are exceptions to the previous statement, titles like Bloodborne are new, fresh and bloody excellent.

But if VR follows the plan, then this could really be the major moment in the current cycle that we crave.

It’s just a pity I am not willing to jump board anymore…

Caution: Shock in the plot

If Playstation VR were to release last year I probably would have become an overused Futurama meme and gestured for Sony to “take my money”.

But the wait has been too long, too quiet and the reality of VR has sunk in – I don’t see this being a game changer for me…yet.

My friends and loved ones will tell you first-hand, I am a degenerate slag for games, and would do unspeakable things to satisfy my lust for them.

Admittedly I do have PSVR pre-ordered, and have done since they became available earlier in the year.

However, that initial buzz has made way for that sobering reality that comes with being an increasingly old bastard riddled with responsibility…it’s just not worth it.

And how did I get to this conclusion? E3.

E3 made me experience new, responsible feels this year

Surprisingly, Sony did more here to put me off a day-one splurge than make me moist for the tech goodness.

After I buy the headset, camera, Move controller and a few games, you’re easily talking five hundred odd quid.

That is just not gonna fly.

Especially when I ran the scenario in my head: Day one, loving life playing through these experiences (not games mind) and insisting to myself that I have not pissed money away here.

Day two…

The reality is that a day one investment for PSVR would be half a grand sunk on an expensive paperweight, making me eagerly watch every piece of Sony news from that point to justify it as it collects dust.

Nothing more than magic beans…

And that is exactly it.

Don’t get me wrong, this is just my opinion and what I think suits me best, you could be the exact opposite and fair enough.

You could be pissing your pants at the thought of Batman VR, which definitely will be jam-packed with content for your new expensive bit of kit…

Or you could just be after the latest bit of hardware to sample Pornhub with, you salty dog.

But that’s up to you!

Early reaction has been just as expected, but I won’t be gracing any preview booths…

There is no doubt in my mind that PSVR (and the rest) all have the potential to make virtual reality the next great place for gaming.

It is unique and has it really has the greatest chance of thrusting the player into these worlds like nothing else that has come before it.

But until I see more games and fewer “experiences”, it’s nothing more than a glorified tech demo booth set in the comfort of your scratcher.

It could take a year, it may take until the next generation, but the reality is the same for any new games hardware – it takes time for it to become essential.

And at that price, it’s just not worth it for me.

Especially when you factor in the 10+ games that look a better use of my shameful time, it is not a wise investment.

Now if you will excuse me, I’m away to cancel a pre-order…


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