My hopes for E3

With E3 only a matter of weeks away, I’m here to give you my countdown of things that I want to see and dream reveals from the ‘Gaming Show of the Immortals’.

I’m not going to go into the shooters because I’ll buy them and hate myself.

Let’s start with the things we know already.

1. ‘Shadows Die Twice’

What is this nonsense?

A 13 second clip of a bone in a winch has me feeling all kinds of things.

Could it be Bloodborne 2? Do I want it to be Bloodborne 2?

I don’t think I’m ready to go back yet…

I hear a lot of rumblings out there that say it’s a new Tenchu game which would absolutely kill me.

It could be something completely different, but I think I trust From Software to absolutely destroy E3 with whatever it is.

2. Ghost of Tsushima

I’ve become increasingly aware that games involving ninja/samurai are my crack.

With this in mind, the new game from Sucker Punch, Ghost of Tsushima is absolutely up my street.

Give me this, a fancy looking ninja game on my PS4 and shovel it into my eyes. Hopefully we see a lot more of this because depending on what they show, I might melt.

3. Death Stranding

Two words: Hideo Kojima.

I don’t think I need to say anything more than this.

Liam from GamingReel is aware of my obsession, even as far as me trying to justify Metal Gear Solid V’s lack of ending.

4. Kingdom Hearts 3

Right, okay, I’m a 27 year-old man who has realised that he loves RPG games.

When you cross that with Disney characters then I’m weak, but Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2 never really struck with me.

As soon as I saw Buzz Lightyear in the trailer for 3 then I had purchased my ticket on the hype train for this and I’m riding it ALL THE WAY.

5. Soulcalibur VI

I have a love affair with fighting games that I can’t really explain.

With Soulcalibur, I’m hoping that it gives me a chance to relive playing it when I was younger.

I want a dedicated Arcade mode where it could be possible to unlock characters when you complete it because what happened to that?

I remember powering through games like Tekken to unlock daft characters and having them all was an achievement.

Put this in a game with less clunky combat and characters like Mitsurugi that I loved then I’m sold.

So, that’s some of what we know could be there but what about what we don’t know?

Here are a few of my dream choices that I would give anything for them to show.

1. Tenchu.

I’m hoping that this ‘Shadows Die Twice’ is a Tenchu game because those games were ridiculous.

I love the idea of games that I played as a wee guy resurfacing and making a comeback in 2018/19.

Get Rikimaru, get the grappling hook and get me my wallet because I’m throwing money at this so hard.

2. Onimusha (maybe a remaster?)

Alright, if you haven’t guessed already, I’m a big fan of games like these.

Onimusha was my absolute jam in 2001 when it released on the PS2 and I’m ready for it to return.

I’d love it to be something like the Devil May Cry HD Collection that was released recently and, maybe, lead to a release of a new title in the future.

3. A strong Xbox showing.

I have a PS4 and I don’t have any desire to own an Xbox.


I would like there to be a reason to doubt that choice.

Sure, playing old games is great and being able to do this from an Xbox One is fantastic but I want more than that.

A new franchise, new IP, just something new an interesting that piques my interest is all I want.

I just want some doubt, Microsoft.

Give me that.

So, there we have it.

I’m sure I want more than this, but I’m becoming aware that literally every single choice in this are literally all the same games.

What do you think?

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