Making money from games: Is it worth it the asking price?

Making money from playing games is a gamers dream, but apart from streaming them online and relying on subscriptions and donations, how else would you do it?

Turns out there are a few ways that you can do this, and selling accounts online seems to be becoming a bigger part of this.

I recently watched someone sell a Level 329 Fortnite account with 740 Wins for £389 on eBay.

Read that back… it’s absolutely mental, right?

And that’s not even the worst of it when you really think about it.

Fortnite is a free-to-play game that you’re not obligated or forced to pay to win (allegedly), but you can spend £389 on it to get shot but look good whilst doing it.

That amount of money could get you well on your way to an Xbox One X, a PS4 Pro and some games or even money towards a gaming PC.

When did it become a successful way to make money to create profiles and sell them online?

I asked a few of the people selling these profiles about it. Dom, who was been selling his accounts for four years said:

“I’ve sold a few accounts before. People are always looking for an easy road to the good accounts. Even if they cannot win themselves.

“The most was a Runescape account. Maxed out most of the main skills back in the day.  Sold that for £495.

“I’d say I’ve earnt close to £10,000 since I started.”

Another seller, Nathan, who had originally been offering his services as a paid Fortnite coach on the site Bidvine, has only started selling his accounts in the last two months.

Nathan shed some more light on what got him started, saying: “I decided to sell my account so that it could be of use to someone who hadn’t got the chance to purchase the rare items that I have which are now unavailable.

“There’s no point in having two accounts when someone else may be interested in purchasing it.

“One account sold for £4780 this morning.”

I asked if he intended on buying others and selling them on, he added: “This is the only account I’ve sold as it feels wrong to buy someone else’s account that you haven’t worked on and selling it for profit”

A quick search around the internet allows you to see more people selling profiles for things like Fortnite, FIFA and Pokemon GO but some of these games offer a competitive edge when you have a tricked out profile, so it’s understandable.

When you look at these profile sales for Fornite, some of which I’ve seen as high as £2000 at the moment, you have to wonder: Is it worth TWO THOUSAND BRITISH POUNDS to floss dance in a John Wick costume just to have bragging rights? Even if it doesn’t make you better at the game?

Is it worth it?

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