First off, if you are here then you are on the site and checking us out, so thank you!

Simply put, GamingReel is about two things, video games and movies.

Started by a couple of journo’s and a movie buff, these three Glaswegians wanted a place to get back to basics and produce some content about the industry they love. Whether it is a feature, a video or a podcast (that tries to stay on topic), you’re getting the most honest opinion and analysis on the world of video games and movies this side of the clyde…

Now, as much as we would like to, we ain’t gonna compete with the big boys out there. So don’t expect breaking press releases or the latest from NeoGaf…instead we will be focusing on regular features and discussing some of the latest news out there. We will also be featuring reviews as well as some video content, and including live streams (just without the lackadaisical “heeyy guuuyss” intro…).

Rounding it off is the GamingReel podcast, where you can hear us wax lyrical about, you guessed it, video games and movies.

Feel free to give us a shout on Twitter @gaming_reel



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